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 Xoft offers patients and physicians a non-invasive alternative to surgery for non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC) treatment. With the Xoft System, painless, scar-free treatment of NMSC is possible with skin eBx, a form of high dose rate, low energy radiation therapy.

By delivering a precise dose of targeted radiation directly to the area, skin eBx offers suitable patients a non-surgical solution while limiting exposure to surrounding healthy tissue. Skin eBx provides a convenient option allowing patients to return to normal activities almost immediately with virtually no downtime.


1. Originally published in The Journal of Contemporary Brachytherapy 2017; 9, 3: 1-7

Squamous cell carcinoma 
Treated with 40 Gy to a 3 mm depth


One Year 

Skin eBx Clinical Data Selected at
Best of ASTRO Meeting 2017

"Most Relevant and Highly Influential Abstract"


• R. Patel, et al. "Comparison of Electronic Brachytherapy and Mohs Micrographic Surgery – A Matched Pair Cohort Study for Treatment of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer."

• Results show comparable recurrence rates and cosmetic outcomes for treatment of appropriately-selected NMSC using Xoft System compared to Mohs surgery

• 416 lesions
• Excellent cosmesis
• 3.4 years mean follow-up
• <1% recurrence rate

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